Ah, College Acceptance Letters

I got accepted into the Hotel Management program at GBC.

It wasn't the program I wanted. It was more of a back-up program, to make the 95$ worth it, I guess. An option, but does it really matter?

And if you're reading this, you're probably the... third person to know. You'd be the first, but for the fact that my mother is a complete snoop (and freaked out about it, till she realized that it wasn't the program we were hoping for). She has probably told my dad, so he's the second. So, yep, you're the third.

It's not that I don't have anyone at all to tell. It's kind of that way, but it's also that I just forget about it. It's not the most exciting thing. Not what I expected. And I've been getting almost nowhere with the Pastry Arts program, what with the math mix-up and now an English qualifier (I got 85% in English. I shouldn't need to take it. But I do. How does that work?). Even then, who knows?

It all seems quite hopeless. Even if I take the test, there's no guarantee. Still, I have to complete math either way.

Maybe I should tell someone quick, before everyone gets mad at me. Like Jenni. Chances are, if she finds out I haven't told her and it's been days, she'll just get terribly upset. I can't even remember when I got the letter. Who cares? Not I.

Anti-climatic, indeed.


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