To Overthrow A King

Have you ever been a secondary character? Have you ever realized it as it was happening?

I don't know about you, but when I think of my life, I see it as me always being the main character, and I guess that translates into other situations as well. I might not think I'm the center of the world, really, but when something explosive happens I guess I always kind of thought myself as one of the main characters. That I was directly involved.

But now? Now things are exploding, and I'm no MC. I might have not even been much of a part of this novel unfolding if not for a few coincidences, and my tendency to figure out that things are happening before anyone even has the smallest of suspicions.

No, I'm not an MC. I'm a secondary character on the "good" side of things- one of the lesser-but-not-too-less sidekicks to the real Main Character. I'm helping push things towards a happy resolved ending where the MC wins, but I have some ulterior motives of my own.

Oh, things are going to explode, and people are going to get hurt. It all comes round to one last thought in my mind- I don't believe I've ever seen a book told completely from the view of a secondary character (though, I guess Feeling Sorry for Celia by Jaclyn Moriarty could be considered...)

Funny how my mind works, huh?


Dannie said...

One time In wrote a book in the POV of a secondary character. It was really rather...pointless.

a girl you once knew said...

I'd imagine. Still, if someone could pull it off and make it have a point, and make it good, I'd think they were amazing

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