NYC+Fan= Painted Walls

I think what may piss me off more than idiots (and if you know me, you know idiots piss me off considerably) are those who try to control me, or think they have control over me. I don't even like it if I think they think they have control over me. I will not be controlled like a little puppet. I refuse to be. And those who try do not get anywhere.

The shit hit the fan today. I canceled my involvement in the New York City trip happening in May. Why? Because I'd share a room with 2 of my ex-friends-now-enemies as well as one of their sheep. There'd be only one person I could talk to, and she promised to talk and hang out with me more than the others as she has been on the sharp end of their sword for a long while, but she can't be trusted. Never could. She's gone and said such things and then turned her back, and at the mention of it has twisted it around and in the end, my trust in her has been chipped away.

So, after much thought and encouragement from those who I could trust, and who knew the situation, I decided I would back out. I couldn't get all the money back, but I think I can get a good amount. Plus, what was the point of going to new york, spending 650$ to go, and 300$ extra to shop/eat/etc. when I'd not have much fun? It all added up to Not Worth It.

It all happened quite quickly. I told the teacher in charge yesterday, and everything came down today. This morning. I thought I'd have a week or more, but this is HP for you. I'm sure my teacher meant all the best.

I got a surprised and whiny e-mail from the friend who was supposed to stick with me the entire trip. I asked her where she heard that. Guess who? Rachel. So I told Rachel it wasn't nice to gossip and talk about me behind my back. She argued the point. Came to my door, actually, and said I shouldn't not go to New York. Didn't I say I wasn't going to let them affect me? Didn't I say I was going? How could I?!

Oh boy. Lauren (sheep #1) had her opinion too, about the same lines. So now I've got people who haven't talked to me in months telling me how I should run my life and what I should do and that I can't change my mind???

Yeah. Not the best thing to try pulling with me. So I told them basically that. To butt out, and who were they to have an opinion on my life when they hadn't said a nice word to me in two months.

Guess what? Rachel, at least, has finally butted out. She refused to before. She sent me a scathing text (yes, most of this was over text because they didn't have any balls) saying that I was off her phone and I wasn't to text anymore, and she'd stop butting in.

What did I do?

Said "THANK YOU! That's ALL I'VE WANTED in these past TWO MONTHS."

All in all, a pretty good end to the shit spewing everywhere.

Now I've just got to break the news to my "friend" as I haven't exactly told her the complete truth because she began to make up her own lies to put me in the bad light.

I did inform her that Rachel had simply used her for information, though. She seemed quite pissed about that.


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