The Impossible Career

I have a talent for cheering people up. I also have a talent for making sense. And no sense at all (when I want to).

I also hate the human race as a whole, can't talk to people well, and am not a people person.

How is someone so good with stringing together words and ideas on paper (and computer) so horrible at actually talking to people and making relations with people.

If anyone has ever read The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale, it's kind of like this: My mom, and a number of people around me, are like the Queen and Selia- People-speakers. And they easily glide through conversations, and if they wish, turn people against me. Not just me either, other people too, like Jenni. Rick is a people speaker, and has dispelled all Jenni's accusations against him (which were the truth) with his abilities as a smooth-talker.

And then there's me- Princess Anidori-Kiladra Talianna Isilee, just without the long name, the princess status, or the magical ability to talk to the wind and understand birds. Socially awkward, fighting against those with the ability of people-speaking, and never seemingly good enough for the people around her.

And we might as well throw in a bit of Cassandra from Greek legend.

I'm getting used to it though. All of this. It doesn't bother me as it once did.

I'm just wondering what kind of career I can have that is based around making people happy, telling the truth, and... not speaking to people? Or at least not idiot or annoying people?

Yeah. I think I'll stick with baking.


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