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For some reason, ever since I posted the two pictures of my darling (coughcough)) kitties, I've been wanting to post more. God. It's like I'm an obsessed mother, but of cats.

I realize I have many pictures of Blossom, less of Rita. Mainly because Blossom happened to be in my room at the time I actually had a camera. Rita is less... stay-put.

I always kind of try to be someone with the camera, the one who takes pictures to make memories. The cool pictures, the memorable ones. But I'm not. I am not a picture-taking person. I like to see things for myself, and not look through a lens. Though I wish I would take pictures so I could relive the moment, I just am not that interested. Oh well. My dad takes enough pictures of everything to make up for the whole family. And my brother isn't too shabby of a shot himself.

Is it really only Wednesday?

Yes. It is really only Wednesday.

I start my Co-op tomorrow. Bus schedules are messed UP. Can't take the normal, sane person's route. Gotta take the one that I have to walk for 6 minutes, hop on the bus for 5, and then walk another 13 minutes. Why? Because the second bus I'd have to get on for the SANE route is two minutes ahead of the first one I'd have to take.

Just my luck.

Oh well. I'll work it out. At least I'll be able to get a ride home most days... I hope. Co-oping for anywhere between 4.5h and 6h a day though. But I get Mondays and Thursdays off for Riding, so it's not too bad.

Family will have to either adjust to late suppers or start making their own again. Or I'll have to make a series of reheatable dinners for them every weekend.

-Insert cursing here-

Night. Tired, sore throat, been up since 4, it's now 9:13. I feel kind of pathetic, but then I remember I've been up since 4 a lot lately. And up till midnight. Still. 9 PM seems so early to me, the one who used to be such a night owl.

Before insomnia ruined the whole experience.


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