There's too much Yogurt and not enough Fruit...

I have decided I do not like eating bacteria cultures. I can hear them screaming in agony as they slide down my throat to their doom. But apparently that’s part of their work description, like fire fighters going into flaming buildings to help people. Except this is on both a larger, and smaller, scale.

Larger because there’s probably billions of these poor, unfortunate bacteria dudes and dudettes going down my throat all suped up in the creamy-strawberry-ness of the decided flavoring by people too big to care about them (wait, is every bit of yogurt a bacteria, or only parts of it??). Smaller because, well, it’s me! Over here! One person, no longer burning since my fever went down.

Yes, I’m very close to being all better, but I still have to keep up with these screaming little guys and gals for another…7 and a half days, I believe.

It’s blackening my conscience. It’s turning me evil. I will soon be fit to be an evil overlord. I even have the laugh coming along: MUWAHAHAHAHA *insert coughing here*

Can you squish bacteria between your tongue and the roof of your mouth/spoon? If you can, please don’t tell me, I’m feeling sick enough right now...


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