Medicate, Medicate, Medicate.

I woke up today (for the 100th time, not kidding) hurting everywhere- arms, shoulders, lower back, upper back, and my head the most.  Headache doesn't do it justice. Forehead, sides, all the way down to my chin, between my eyes, then my mouth (probably from the braces tightening on Wednesday, then the clamping of my teeth through the night). Too hot, too cold.

Didn't sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time last night. Frustrating? Yep. To the point of tears.

Still went to work, though. Called in last minute (well, as last minute as it gets at Weil's) for today. Today is Sunday, Weil's isn't open Sundays. 640 mini cupcakes, 80 each color (of 8 specific colors) for Theatre Aquarius. Pretty, but annoying.

After, when I was waiting for my dad to come pick me up, I had to lay my head down on one of the tables. Jo asked me if I was alright, so I gave her the quick version- "I have been feeling horrible all weekend."

Her response- "You should have called in!"

They underestimate my need for money since I decided to part board Brody. Since ever, really...

And I picked up new meds. De-stress meds.But on further research of the main ingredient- Relora- apparently some people experience hair loss/thinning. So if you read a blog post saying I am losing my hair, you know why.

And soon, I'll have more meds than a pharmacy. Yay.

By the time I go to bed I'll be medicated on Advil Cold&Sinus, Ibeprofen (no-name brand, basically Advil), Melatonin and De-stress meds. I think I'll cut out the second dose of Ibeprofen since that stuff can do some serious damage (despite what my mom believes)

Oh, here's a riddle for you...

How bad does it have to be for my mom to take me to the doctors willingly?

I don't know, since I'm getting worse and worse and still she refuses to take me to the doctor, and even goes as far as to yell and get angry when I suggest.


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