The Battle of The Keyboard and The Iced Tea

My god. Never spill iced tea onto a keyboard. Keyboards can take a lot of things- cola, ginger ale, water, maple syrup, being sat on by cats, being kicked off the desk by sleeping people- But they cannot, it seems, handle the great power that is iced tea. Iced tea is just too much greatness for a keyboard to handle.

Yes, I lost my wonderful (wired, grr) keyboard yesterday to The Mighty Iced Tea (can you tell I love Iced Tea?). It fritzed out, at first typing by itself, then not responding to keys, then double keying, and then settled down to not allowing me to use the right shift key (my best friend). And in the middle of the Olympics Closing Ceremony, which is to say, in the middle of me and my friend Abir's fervent "OMG MOUNTIES! THIS IS SO COOL!"s, it decided to slowly cut out my control to certain keys.

Namely d, s, e, w, and 3. Then it went totally insane and grew a fondness of the letter d and the number 6 and would often cut into anything I was trying to type (by this time I was using an on-screen keyboard with a mouse that liked to double click or not click at all) with a succession of them.

Obviously, I got a new keyboard, and with it, a new mouse. Wireless. Both of them. *happy dance*

It's quite loud, the keys on both of them. I hope it dulls down with use...


Dannie said...

Ay, its Sprite for me. That shit could destroy the Eiffel Tower.

a girl you once knew said...

XD Sprite's alright. I still vote that Iced Tea can destroy the world, hands down.

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