The Hermit Lifestyle

It bugs my mom to no end that I am once again borderline social-outcast. It bugs her more that I seem to be enjoying it.

There's the difference between my mom and dad. But if you compare them, you'd find similarities that just happen to come out in different situations. Right now though, my dad is letting me be a "hermit" and do my own thing, even if it means not going out places, not being social. He's scared I'm going to become depressed or suicidal, but he's letting me do whatever I want.

My mom, on the other hand, wants to butt in and criticize me, as if it will encourage me to go out there and find more friends who will probably betray me too.

I wonder how many suicide watches I've been on in the past month and a half. At least four. I might still be on a couple.

Funny thing is, if I should have been on such a list, it should have been before the shit hit the fan. That's when life was really bad. Somewhere between Christmas and end of the semester. I think that was the worst time. Before it all snapped, not when.


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