Co-op Interview - Before

This amuses me.

I have a co-op interview in an hour and 7 minutes. I haven't been nervous until now, and even now I am not all that nervous (though I realize I am totally unprepared). Instead, I keep feeling like I need to eat, though I've eaten a lot already.

Nervousness => food.

I'm Ammie, and I just ate half a bag of Cheetos, a huge portion of McCain chocolate cake (mmmm...) and a package of bagel bites.

T'was good, though.

Now I have to find dress pants. I own 3 pairs (from Sweet Paradise days). Each of them fail in at least one way (too short, too long, pockets that are too prominent...) and hope that dryer sheets can erase the smell of horse.

Oh, and I have riding lessons again today since Terri is away Thursday. Which means my thighs will hurt tomorrow because there is no doubt that Terri will make us do no stirrup work (which I worked on for a good half hour yesterday). And I get to see my very good friend, guess who? Sara.

Now to check if my shirt has been de-horsed, since it's the only really "I want this co-op but I realize that it's not at a law firm so being too dressed up would not go in my favor" shirt that doesn't have holes in it from a certain kitty cat...

...who looks very innocent in this picture....

 ...But her sister might have something to do with it too... 


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