College Scholarships

So the math stuff? Not really "due" per se, just outlines for people who need them to keep up (heh... I don't know what he's talking about!). But now my mom's got me on this loose schedule of when we'll do math, which will probably fizzle out until the next time a crisis like this comes up. Yeah. Gotta love my family. We moan and groan about each other's procrastination habits while nurturing our own.

Every time I see a number beside my "professional" email, I think "OH MY GOD, IS MY COLLEGE ACCEPTANCE/DENIAL IN?"

But it always turns out to be some scholarship information from some contest I'll never win, some essay to write that I'll flounder at, a form to fill out that I'm not even eligible to win the prize because I don't have a certain bank card (curse you, Scotia Bank- You've got all the contests, don't you? Or should I be cursing BMO for not hosting any??).

I mean, I'd probably try for one, but I honestly 1. Don't need it 2. Don't want to take it from someone who is looking at a 19,000 per year price tag on their education (my friend Abir, for example). My family struggles like the normal family (or around here, at least, where struggling is known community-wide, all but for maybe those houses on Scenic Drive) but my college education has a price tag no where near Abir's. 3,000 a year (or a little less, I believe) isn't all that much when you compare it to the price of becoming a doctor.

And I don't really fall on the real "financial need" category. Not getting a scholarship won't keep me from college, but it might keep someone else.


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