New Layout

So I changed the template, and the name, but I'm leaving the URL the same for a while. Both because I don't have a URL in mind, and because I'm still using this specific link for things. Oh, and because I'll probably change the name and the template a thousand times in the near future, as is my way.

I need to decide what color I want to dye my hair, as it will be the color I will see years from now when someone decides to dig up my year book and embarrass me completely. Yes, grad photos are coming up. I still have short-ish hair. I hate the height (length?) right now, so I just keep it up in pig tails, and the occasional half-up pony tail.

I wish my hair was longer, just for this picture. Chopping it off was a good and bad idea. But hey, if I can get the color down pat (I was thinking blue, but the problem is I don't know how to get blue, as I would need a really good dye, say Special Effects, and I haven't found anything around here, even in the special dye stores for hairdressers only. I tried it before with Icecream but it bled out and turned silver, not sticking to the roots and barely to the rest of the hair) then (whoa, big bracket there) I will be set. I can curl my hair and not have to worry.



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