Want Me There

I don't want to go back there, to be friends with them again. I don't, other than the whole habit thing. They say that after a couple of days, smokers don't feel such a need to smoke anymore. It doesn't seem to be the way with friendships. I was fine for two days, and then everything crashed down. Now I'm on and off fine. It's not the most stable thing.

But I want to see that they're missing me. That they want me back. That they aren't moving on as quickly as they seem to be. Without me, they seem better off, like I knew they would. It hurts still, you know?

It hurts so much, talking to Jen. Cause she mentions them like its nothing. Like it's not stabbing me in the heart again and again and again. And I hate it. But I want to help.

Addictions suck.



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