Pessimistic x Pessimistic = Fail

I once dated a guy who admitted to me that he liked me because I was always happy and optimistic.

Truth is, I'm quite pessimistic, or at least a realist. Yes, I'm happy at school, but its because if I'm not happy, then I get bugged and yelled at and no one ever lets it go. He had never seen me when I was really down, and never heard or read the things I said/typed when I was sitting alone in my room on a slow night. I reveal to some people how I'm feeling (less now, because of obvious reasons. I started closing up a couple of months ago really). He never asked anyone how I really was.

So I felt forced into being happy. You know what? I can't even remember how I came to like him. I think it was one of those temporary things, and the whole thing that he decided to ask me I decided to say yes.

He also hated one of my friends because she was a bit on the loud side (a lot of people hate her for this, she doesn't know/care though). I asked him what he'd do if I was as loud as her (which I could be, and still can be, because I tend to have sugar and sugar has a big effect on me) and he said he'd smack me.

Added onto that, he was a very pessimistic person himself. Never wanted to help himself, just wanted pity. I'm glad to say I'm better than him! (It isn't too hard, honestly!)

That "relationship" didn't last all that long. Ended in the funniest way, I think I will never forget it.

I decided I needed a break for the Victoria Day Weekend, a simple "We're not over, but I just need to figure some stuff out, so no lovey dovey stuff, please."

Came back on Tuesday to everyone saying me and him had broken up, that I had dumped him, and a few times he had dumped me.

What did I do? I went with it :) Greatest break up ever. He didn't even ask me about it until a week later.

The point of this post? No idea. Maybe it's attesting to the fact that I can't stand pessimistic people. Just as I probably can't handle dating a guy with an explosive temper (coincidentally, the one guy who I've dated who didn't have a temper lasted the longest). Maybe opposites do attract.


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