Imagination Station

So I've learned to not write Trapped Inside at school, as it makes me not want to write at home, and I end up changing the whole thing anyways...

Tuesday, I think, I was sitting in the library wanting to write (well, do anything really, except work XD) but not knowing what to write.

So I started writing a little scenario I've gone over in my head oh, maybe two hundred times since I was thirteen (and I'm thinking that maybe that's too little of a number!). Always evolving, terribly cliche, basically my imagination running amuck and dragging me along with it.

I just looked into my chocolate milk (which I only put a little bit of chocolate syrup in it cause I looked at the sugar content, and I had just watched a video in FNS about diabetes...) and I thought it was water, just a bit of a foggy water (nearly the same color as the mug). Wondered "Wait, when did I get water? ISN'T IT SUPPOSED TO BE MILK?" Panicked. Realized. Calmed down. Back to the post.

Anyways, it's a very very long scenario. And no, it's not all happy-happy oh my god, this is all happiness and gumdrops type thing. Some of it is rather disturbing.

So I wrote it in a way that if someone ever read it to critique it, they'd end up with a good hundred pages of typed critique for the five or so pages I hand-wrote. It skips, it goes on frequent tangents, reveals plot that is only added in later and is all for dramatic purposes in such a way that kills the drama entirely...

It might be the crappiest thing I've ever written. I also wouldn't be surprised if it was one of the best things I've ever written.

I'm looking forward to pt. 2. Which also includes a lot of aspects I didn't even bother including in pt 1. And I'm proud.

By the way, it's a VERY long scenario- takes up about 3-4 years (depends when I get bored of the eventual happy ending and want to go back to the drama and uncertainty of beginning parts) and then has a bunch of flash backs to the previous 17-18 years.

Right now? My current imagination is on flash-back mode because I decided, screw storyline in my head, I just want to imagine these parts and skip to wherever, whenever.

Ah. I love me.


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