Dear Abby,

A while ago I was wondering where this one girl went. I loved her writing, and she seemed to actually understand me when no one else even bothered. Except, well, she found her reality, and I'm so happy for her.

And me being the silly person I am didn't get around to setting notices on for comments. Today, when looking for posts to put on my favorite posts list, I found her comment from, oh, 16 days ago? (gosh, that day seems like months ago!)

And here I was, thinking that maybe she was gone forever, when she seemed to be here the whole time. Silly, silly me.

I don't know if you got the comment I left today (so belatedly), but I'll say something here, too.

Hey Abby! I hope you haven't mistaken my no-response as ignoring you! I honestly thought I'd get e-mailed (like before, on Perfectly Imperfect).

By the way, you made my day!


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