The Hard-To-Understand: Leave Me Be

Well, I guess it's true- tragedy does show who your friends really are. Yeah, I think the whole best-friends-turning-ex-best-friends could count as a tragedy.

Sadly, I have found I have very few friends.

But I'm not all that sad, really. Don't ask me why. It's depressing, indeed, that there are so many people going behind my back, telling me one thing but doing another, supporting back-stabbing efforts, etc. But do I really want these people to be my friends? Not really. No. Not at all.

I can't even trust my own brother because of them. It's not that easy to not tell me if he's done something like before. He's not told my parents a bunch of things- why the garbage unit got broken, the fireworks tied to the power pole, the other, numerous, things he's done. Who's to say that when I leave today to go riding, he won't immediately call up all his friends and all my ex-friends to come over and party?

No. I do not wish to be friends with them. I wish to be gone, and I wish they'd leave me alone. For they don't seem to want to leave me be. Oh how they must obsess about me, whilst I just try to focus on school, my career, and what book I will be reading next. A lot of the time when I moan and groan about them is because, hey, Sara's at it again! Getting people to say things to me, or manipulating the people around me, or whatever.

I've just got this to say to them- "Leave me be, get on with your lives. I do not care to be your obsession or your friend. Go away. Grow up."

“Probably the most neglected friend you have is you. And yet every man, before he can be a true friend to the world, must first become a friend to himself.” - L. Ron Hubbard


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