Family Back Up

It wasn't exactly what I'd hoped, but my whole family now knows what all happened, and my brother understands never to allow it to happen again.

"'it'? What's 'it'?" you ask. I can't really say, but there's one less way for Sara to torment me, which is always good. I wished my mom would have restrained herself, but at the same time I can understand why she didn't. It's not just the deeds Sara's done towards me, it's the situation as well, which wasn't the most forgiving.

I think everyone's starting to understand that I won't ever be friends with Sara again. If we hadn't passed the point of no return the day this all started (or rather, the day it all ended), we have certainly passed it now. Or rather, she has forced us to pass it.

Maybe, maybe the day after it all came to an end, I would have eventually forgiven her. But then Thursday happened, and then it just continued to snowball from there. And then it landed now, where my family may forgive her after a long time (if I became friends with her again), but they'd be wary all the way, but the second I decided hey, maybe I *could* forgive her for what she's done, they'd tell me "Are you SURE?" and proceed to remind me of all the Why You Shouldn't Do It.

Despite what I might have said even half a year ago (wow, it seems like so much longer than just four months since me and my dad just suddenly stopped fighting, and I mean literally suddenly stopped. There was no cool-down time. It was just one day we were fighting, then the next we weren't and haven't fought again. This was before this blog was reborn) my family is a big role in my life. We might not sit down for family game/movie/whatever night, we might not share everything that happens on a day to day basis, and we might avoid family functions like the plague, but I don't think I could take Sara back, even if she crawled up to me on her knees and begged (though maybe my parents would accept that) simply because my family would have so much concern and doubt about it. That is, if I got past my burning (and growing steadily) hatred for my one-time Best Friend Forever For Life Fo' Shizzle DIGTR Did I Get That Right? *High Five* first.

(Yes, we came up with all that slowly over the course of what? three or four years when we decided BFF wasn't good enough. I decide to smile on that instead of frown, thankyouverymuch)

It seems all a waste now. Oh well.


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