Presenting my New Best Friend....!

Kay, join me as I laugh at myself.

Ha Ha Ha. LOL, LMAO and ROTFL.

So, I actually thought I'd make friends easily in my -one- class of the morning. Honestly, I did. I thought "Okay, I'll sit down and start talking."

This lasted until I stepped into the class and saw a bunch of people who I don't particularly get along with (at very little fault of my own, may I add). Of course.

In short: There's a new girl in front of me, but she offered very little information about herself even though I tried to talk to her, and didn't ask me anything back. There's another girl, but she doesn't look even remotely interested in the course. And she's a bit away.

My best friend in the class right now? The teacher.

Yup. You read that right.

Life isn't fair, folks. I knew this, but I still hoped.

I'm gunna go scream into a pillow now. KThxBai.


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