Said About Having Nothing

There's something to be said about having very little left. Something good, rather than bad.

For instance- When someone threatens to ruin your life, you can sit back and laugh, thinking "What life?" Maybe if I still had the friends I did a month ago (wow, it has really been over a month...) I would be a bit worried, because they could crack me. And through them, whoever was threatening the life-ruining could get to me easily. If my friends were a stronger shield, maybe it would make it so much harder, but they weren't. I know that for a fact. Because I've had my "life" targeted before, way back in grade 9. Because I had friends that wouldn't support me, they got through my first line of defense.

And don't say I'm blaming it all on them, I'm not. But isn't all our first line of defense, or at least one of them, our friends? And wouldn't we be their line of defense?

Now, because I'm being the first line of defense for a one-time friend, I'm being targeted again. But what do I have? What do I have left to break, shatter, destroy?

Very little. And what I do have, most of it cannot be touched- my family, for example. Because while my friends used to be my first line of defense, my family has always been safe behind me, only coming out when necessary.

These girls who threaten to ruin me, my life, my social status, and whatever else they think I have? They have nothing on me because I have nothing on me. They can spread rumors about me, but who do I have to worry about actually believing them? No one. They can come up to me and say things that aren't true, but I know they aren't, besides, I'm in the school for one class, and maybe another for baking. When can they get me?

Yes. They can do some damage, but indeed there is something good to be said about hitting rock bottom, or even near rock bottom.

All they can use are rocks. And the rocks are dead things of really no importance to me. Yes, they can hurt, but they can only hurt me directly, and I can deal with that better than having the rock hit me because my friends helped it along.


Catt said...

Damn, you are definitely wise beyond your years. This may sound kind of weird, but if you ever need to talk, feel free to email me! I hope you have an awesome day =)

a girl you once knew said...

Thank you Catt! Both for the compliment and the offer. I don't know how old you are, but you seem very wise too, and I enjoy your writing.

I hope you have an awesome day too!

Dannie said...

Very mature response. I don't know if I would have such an easy time brushing that crap off my shoulders...

a girl you once knew said...

Sometimes it does get to me, but if they're my enemy, and I have plenty, I can dismiss it easier than I can if they were my friend.

And sometimes I have a morbid sense of humor, and laugh at these types of things regardless. Better to laugh than to cry.

And I think I have a life story, finally. I just have to write it >.< Between homework. Hopefully the idea doesn't scamper off.

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