Okay, so it turned out to be FOUR things...

Three (or more) things...

-I woke up early (not unusual as of late, as I always wake up at exactly 7:11 AM every morning now, for no reason at all) and couldn't go back to sleep. As well, I wanted to take a shower before school as I was feeling pretty icky. Since today's a day 2, my class doesn't start until 10:05 (rather than 8:40). I usually sleep in till 9 (or later, as the sleep button is my hate-to-love friend). I guess I could have gone back to sleep, had I really wanted to try (by forcibly not trying... it's a very complicated line of thought that does sometimes work), but I really really wanted that shower now that it was in my head (note: even though I could have had one after my class!).

And then I get to class. The teacher isn't there. Turns out, it was a sign out. Not as mad as I would have been had it been a Day 1, but still kind of peeved cause now I'm feeling quite tired.

-I really want to change the layout and name of this blog. I thought it was clever and all-that for the first two days (after all, it came on my spur-of-the-moment decision to make a new blog, and I got it from staring at my Vitamin C Supplement bottle- come on! That's a winner in my mind!) but now it's wearing thin. And I don't like oranges. You might think that I do, by the look of this blog, but I don't. Actually, I hate them. Clementines, love them, the color, love it. Oranges? Hate 'em. It's a miracle I actually like the taste of the supplements. If you hand me a glass of orange juice, I will run away.

-I also really want to start a book review blog. I have been for.. oh golly, 3 years now? Or more? It's just, well, when I START something, I rarely ever keep up with it. I mean, my Trapped Inside story on Mibba was abandoned for months on end before I thought "Hey, I like this story, others like this story, and they'll probably find out where I live and knock on my door with pitchforks and flaming torches if I don't continue." I haven't regretted it since (well, except when Exams come, and homework piles up...)  So I'm pretty much afraid of starting it, then ditching it. I don't know why I'm so scared of this than other things...

Plus, If someone asks me to describe a book, I'm at a loss for words. And a lot of the time (well, as of this year, grade 12) I don't have time to read all the books I really want to read. Between November and the end of January, I read I think 2 books (other than Oryx and Crake, which was the English requirement and the source of my ban on books) and the books I did read I wasn't supposed to read- I was supposed to be a good little student and stay away from reading for enjoyment.

So... I think it's still under discussion in my head. Plus, I'd need a title. And I don't know if, if/when I get there, I can handle possibly giving a bad review to someone who personally asked me to review their book, or their client's book. If/when.

-I use brackets a lot. It's a problem. I know. I'm trying to fix it. Honestly.


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