Never Look Back

I'm probably hurting the most. I get that. I feel like I should be over this by now. I'm kind of ashamed I'm not.

But it does make sense. Sara and Rachel have each other. I've got Jenni who has problems of her own, and then I've got Michelle who isn't the best one to have, and then the list decreases.

I've got Abir and Jules, but sometimes that isn't enough, you know? I don't have someone standing beside me on the same boat as me. So... I don't know.

But I'm picking myself up still, moreso even. I'm getting there. It feels like it's been a month, a year. It's only been two weeks. Funny how that goes, huh?

This weekend will be good, which is why I'm not going to stay home. I'll be up at the cottage, silent, thinking. Doing things I couldn't do with them around. Being freer than free and seeing what I want to do, not what they always were making me do.


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