You Know You're Cool WHEN...

For the last (even less than a) year, even the exam review dates had nothing going for them.

Take last year- I had just returned from running away (which I always knew would be temporary, I needed to leave for a while though) very early from my ex-boyfriends house where the night before, he had tried to put some moves on me. A night that would not be erased (or even faded) from my mind even to my day. And then I don't know where I spent the rest of the day afterwards, but I wasn't in a very stable mental mode, and... welll...

Then today- where I'm going early in hopes of avoiding my ex best friend forever because she'd probably go later. BUT, she might just go early to avoid me because I'd normally go late. No doubt, though, she and my other friend had either A) a sleepover, or B) are meeting each other there, which means they'll probably be later.

And because of that, I'd better throw some socks on, and make myself look semi presentable just in case I do run into them and leave. Elaborate more later. Possibly.

xoxo kisses!


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