It takes a bit, but I can put things in perspective.

What happened this weekend? What Sara did? Mattered more than a lot of things a couple of hours ago.

But I still believe in my Prince Charming. I still believe in my Knight in Shining Armor. And I know that if this still bugs me when I find him, he will make it all better. Because he will be more important than these girls who enjoy going behind my back, who enjoy trying to torment me.

Yup. It might be silly. It might be over-expecting. But one day, someone will listen to me and be on my side. Either that, or this all won't matter anymore.

These high school tufts set up by Sara and Rachel and everyone else? They won't matter. Those people, they won't matter. They don't matter.

It just takes a bit to put these things into perspective.


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