Math Modules

Guess what I found out?

The math module 1 that I haven't started yet (I always put off the things I don't understand- it's a stress thing) is due on the 25th.

So I've got 2 and a half days to finish 9 units.

This is why I won't be at all good at the whole Self-Pace program at Westmount, and why I'm glad I didn't fall for the hyped-up perfect-school-of-all presentation they gave way back in grade 8. HP might be called a lot of crappy names, but it's a pretty good school with a good amount of cool teachers. And I can actually pass here and bring in Honors awards.

So there.

Back to working on my math module (half of which I don't get...)

EDIT: Okay, note, 2 1/2 days with school there, and Thursday I have riding (so pretty much from 3-8 I can't do any work at all) and then the whole insomnia thing (which, you'd think is a good thing- more time to work on math, but my mind goes to mush after a certain point, and I need to start making a really good effort of getting to bed around 9 so I can sleep by 10/11)


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